How do we build liveable cities and homes?

Building for well-being

Domūs brings sustainability to the fore through intelligent living and environmental design, and aims to positively impact the city, local neighborhood and lives of its residents.


A climate-conscious way of living

Shared gardens and outdoor living bring nature back to the city, sparking biodiversity and green spaces, which are essential to a living environment. Alternative energy sources like solar power reduce emissions and offer sustainable choices for shared living use. The materials and designs used create energy-efficient homes that are easy to maintain.


Sustainable - Garden Diagram - DOMUS

Shared gardens combine secluded green zones with communal BBQ areas, creating perfect places for community interaction and private relaxation.

Quality of life in the city

Access to car and bike sharing gives residents a flexible choice of travel. Smart locations build sustainability too: proximity to the surrounding city makes public and self-transport the norm. Urban living concepts like Domūs, which are for a diverse palette of small households, contribute to and promote an inclusive, livable and vibrant city. A city we love.

Sustainable mobility through
proximity to facilities and public
transport hubs

Sustainable - Public Transport - DOMUS


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