We love the city

And all in our own ways. A seemingly inexhaustible source of inspiration, a melting pot of cultures, a constant flow of creativity and change. Stories from the past and promises of the future. Never has the city felt more like home. But it’s a home that’s developing at an unprecedented rate and presenting us with new challenges. Challenges that we can rise to with new ideas.

Collectieve Tuin

Conceptueel model Domūs Houthavens

How can we make more from less?

Domūs offers a wealth of space and user possibilities, but it does so with fewer square meters. All its apartments are equipped with a “smart living core” of bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and storage space configured on the basis of fixed elements. By integrating the bed so that it can be closed off, the space feels like a bedroom at night, but like part of the living or dining room during the day. This enables Domūs to offer optimum use of the available space throughout the day. And because the concept is completely modular, Domūs offers a pleasing variety of apartments.

Why own when you just need to use?

As a Domūs resident you will have access to various communal areas and facilities. You can meet up with other Domūs residents in the garden or the communal living room, for example. Arrange a dinner party for friends in the kitchen, or an Italian movie night for like-minded Fellini afficionados. And if it’s likely to be a late one, you can reserve the guest quarters so they can stay the night. Alternatively, find yourself a productive little place to do some work in the living room. Shared cars, bikes, washing machines and dryers, as well as several other services, make the Domūs offering complete.



Collective garden

Collective garden

For a healthier, happier city

Domūs aims to make a positive contribution to a sustainable lifestyle. Smaller homes translate to lower energy consumption, and place less of a burden on the city. Sharing facilities increases our social interaction, strengthens our social networks and makes a positive contribution to our health and sense of wellbeing. And thanks to the Domūs Café, Domūs can also double as a social gathering place for the whole neighbourhood.

Integrated green spaces, such as a roof garden, promote biodiversity in the city and bring residents into closer contact with nature. Furthermore, shared mobility and living close to public transport and other facilities reduce our reliance on owning cars. Air quality increases and noise pollution decreases. We will all hear, feel and breathe the difference.

Woning Houthaven

Domūs Houthaven

One concept, lots of variety

Oana Rades, founder of Shift architecture urbanism, was responsible for the design of Domūs. “What does compact living look like today, in a city like Amsterdam? That question formed the starting point for Domūs Living. For the design we looked at both the past and the present. The history of compact living can be found, for example, in the cupboard beds in the homes, while the shared spaces and facilities now represent urban living.

The concept was further elaborated during construction. As a result, for example, the modular system was created, with the smart living core. Much attention has been paid to small details to ensure that everything is just right. Now that Domūs has been completed, you can see that all 235 apartments fit within the concept, but that there is also a lot of variation in the type of home. I am very proud of that.”

Domūs Houthaven is the first Domūs, a concept devised by Synchroon, Shift Architecture & Urbanism en …,staat creative agency. Domūs Houthaven is owned by CBRE Investment Management and managed by TO BE AT. Our shared objective is to fuel the continued evolution of Domūs and duplicate it in several other locations throughout the Netherlands. Together, we’ll thus be able to build more inspiring, happier and healthier cities.

Domūs LivingDomūs Living
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