Everyday living of tomorrow

We love the city.

And we feel it, like a heartbeat, each of us differently.
It’s vibrancy, the hum of a thousand ways of being.
Of futures and histories.
Creativity and change. All at once.
More than ever, the city is our home.
A home that is developing rapidly.
And in need of new ideas.

Why Domus - Amsterdam - Domus

Life in the city is changing.

New aspirations and lifestyles, coupled with the rise of technology and demand for accessible homes, make way for innovative residential concepts that can redefine the city. Integrated systems that adapt to changing environments, trends and needs.

We’re drawn to the cityWe trekken naar de stad
As we urbanise and globalise, we compete for space and housing, prosperity and affordability, freedom and opportunity.We kiezen er steeds vaker voor om in de stad te wonen. Op zoek naar geluk, kansen en vrijheid. De stad groeit en verandert, net als onze behoefte aan leef- en woonruimte.
We want flexibilityWe willen flexibiliteit
We share and connectWe doen meer samen
We elevate health and happinessWe kiezen voor welzijn
We’re climate-consciousWe leven klimaatbewuster
We live where we meet and workWe vervagen grenzen

Why Domus - Park - Domus

The future is smart, social and sustainable

Designed for change.
Smaller, smarter homes take less from the city, saving resources and reducing waste. They suit our dynamic and active lifestyle, as we spend less time at home and more elsewhere in the city.

Freedom and flexibility.
Sharing household amenities like laundry and dining areas frees space in the home, while giving us the freedom to live larger when we need it. Shared amenities and spaces encourage connection, conversations and relationships that promote health and a sense of well-being.

Everything is better together.
Living centrally helps us to travel green and walk, run or cycle the smaller journeys of our day. Shared mobility and living near public transport reduces car use. With less traffic and noise pollution as a result, we all breathe the difference.

Domus Houthaven: The first edition

Why Domus - Houthaven Amsterdam - Domus

Domūs Houthaven is the first Domūs brought to life; a great start to a journey just begun. The Domūs concept is designed as a modular system that adapts to ever-changing environments, trends and needs.

Through a commitment to continuous innovation Domūs keeps refining and improving the concept, creating new solutions to the challenges of today.
New ideas for the city of the future.

Domūs LivingDomūs Living
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